Create a Contact Group

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Note:  If you have a Microsoft Exchange account An account managed by Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange accounts are used by organizations with many users. They make it possible to synchronize e mail, calendars, and contacts between multiple computers., contact groups are not saved to the Exchange server. Any groups that you create are saved on your computer and are only available in Outlook for Mac.

1. At the bottom of the navigation pane. The left pane of the main Outlook window. In Mail view, the navigation pane displays the folder list. In Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes views, the navigation pane lets you show and hide items from your category list., click Contacts.

2. On the Home tab, click Contact Group.

Contacts Group

   If Contact Group is not available

To create a contact group, you must set your preferences to show the On My Computer folders.

   1.    On the Outlook menu, click Preferences.

   2.    Under Personal Settings, click General General Preferences button.

   3.    Under Folder list, clear the Hide On My Computer folders check box.

3. Enter a name for the contact group.

4. Do any of the following:


Do this

Add a person from your contacts, or add a person with whom you've recently exchanged e-mail

Click Add , type the first few letters of the person or group's name, and then click the appropriate entry on the pop-up menu.

Add a person who is not in your contacts or with whom you haven't recently exchanged e-mail

Click Add , and then type the person's e-mail address.

Prevent message recipients from seeing the addresses of other group members

Select the Use Bcc to hide member information check box.

Remove a member

Click the member, and then click Remove.

5. Click Save & Close.


The group appears in your Outlook contacts, and you can send messages to the group exactly as you would to one person.

 Note:  To delete a contact group, open the group, and then on the Group tab, click Delete. Deleting a group does not delete contacts that you already have saved in Outlook or contacts from your organization's directory.