DASH guidelines

DASH guidelines

This document helps you know how to use your T-Mobile DASH, both  daily and in your travels.

cell phone minutes – Thunderbird has a contract with T-Mobile for a set number of minutes that are pooled amongst 70+ users.  Peak hours are 7:00am – 9:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please try to limit your usage to business calls during these hours.

text messaging – every cellular user is given 300 text messages per month. After you exceed 300 text messages in one month, Thunderbird is assessed a charge for each text message above 300.

long distance – your cellular phone is equipped with free domestic long distance with no roaming in the US. When traveling overseas, please check the rates by going to the T-Mobile international call roaming link provided here http://www.t-mobile.com/International/RoamingOverview.aspx or on My Thunderbird in the online forms traveling section.  The most economical way to make a phone call when traveling abroad is to use a land line and a calling card. Calling cards are available for check out, through My Thunderbird's online forms.

domestic email – unlimited access

international email – when traveling abroad the cost for downloading anything from the internet (including email) is $15 US per megabyte. This becomes very costly very quickly. The most economical solution is to take a laptop and pay for internet service through your hotel. If you’re not a full-time laptop user, laptops are available for check out using online forms on My Thunderbird.

Turning internet access off or on while abroad – to disable Edge internet on T-Mobile DASH:

  1. Select: Start > Settings > Connections > GPRS.
  2. Select Menu and delete the T-Mobile data connection.

To enable Edge internet on T-Mobile DASH:

  1. Select Start > Settings > Connections > GPRS > Menu > Add.
  2. For this setting:                      Enter this:
  • Description                                T-Mobile data
  • Connects to:                              the internet
  • Access point:                             wap.voicestream.com
  • All other information,                  please leave default or blank

If you have any questions, please contact I&IT.