How do I change my Portal Login password ?

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Your Portal Login password is managed through MTB.

To change your password, go to My Thunderbird's personalize section, and change your password in the left hand column.. This will change your portal login password. Please note that this changes your Campus PC and Wifi network login password as well, as this really is using the same Portal Login account!

Faculty/Staff: this does NOT include nor affect your account or password for accessing campus H:/L: drive and other network resources.

NOTE: If you use a POP3/IMAP client for your Lifetime Email, such as Outlook, etc., you will need to change your password in the email program on your PC as well!

Detailed steps for changing your password:

  • Login to MTB
  • Click on the Personalize tab
  • Click on Passwords in the left column
  • Type in your current MTB password and twice your new password
  • Click Save

If you experience problems, of have further questions, please contact the I&IT Helpdesk