How does Portal Login work?

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Shown below is a simplified explanation of Portal Login, but it gives you an idea how it works.

Portal Login Overview

Here are some of the steps a user goes through when they access one of the Portal applications for the first time:

1 - User goes to any of the enabled web applications (eg MTB). Application will redirect to the Portal Login site.

2 – User logs into Portal Account (looks like MTB login screen)

3 – If successful, user is issued special “Portal Ticket”, and gets redirected to original application (eg. MTB)

4 – Application now allows user in, after checking for Portal Ticket (activity is between MTB and Portal Login servers only)

5 – User decides to go to TLE to access course.

6 – TLE checks for Portal Ticket, finds it, learns identity from this, and let’s user in without need for further login. (security check is activity between TLE and Portal Login servers only)

7 – Likewise with any other enabled application (eg. Lifetime email apps.)