Notify – Receiving Reminders and Notifications

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GroupWise Notify® is a separate application that works with your email, calendar, and task list to give you notifications of incoming items, upcoming appointments, etc. Several steps must be taken in order to activate Notify and receive your reminders.

 Start Notify

From the Windows Start Menu, select All Programs | Novell GroupWise | Notify. A globe icon will appear in the System Tray at the extreme lower right corner of your display. Once the setup procedure is complete, you won’t have to start Notify manually.

 Set Your Notify Options

  1. 1. Right-click on the Notify globe icon in the System Tray.
  2. 2. Select Options from the menu.
  3. 3. On the General tab:
    1. a. Set how frequently you want Notify to check for new mail. Remember that everything, including meeting invitations and assigned tasks, goes through your mailbox.
    2. b. Set how long you want the Notify dialog box to display before it automatically disappears.
    3. c. Highlight the folders to which you want to apply Notify. Highlight Calendar to receive alarms and appointment notifications. Highlight Mailbox to be notified of incoming email.
    4. d. Click [Apply] to set your choices in place.
  1. 4. Click [OK]. No changes are required on any of the other tabs.

 Set Your GroupWise Environment and Security Options

  • 1. Select Tools | Options from the GroupWise main menu.
  • 2. Double-click Environment.
    • a. On the General tab, check the box to Launch Notify at startup. b. Click [OK].
  • 3. Double-click Security.
    • a. Select the Notify tab. Your name should appear in the Notification List.
    • b. Click on your name. Check the boxes to Subscribe to alarms and notifications.
    • c. If you have proxy access to another person’s calendar and you want notifications for their appointments, use the Address Book icon next to the Name field and select the name(s) of persons for which you want to receive notifications.
    • d. For each person you add, click the name and check the boxes for alarms. e. Click [OK].

There you are!

Now Notify will automatically start with GroupWise, and you will receive reminders and notifications according to your selections.

 For more information…

 See the GroupWise on-line documentation at the following location:

 Instructions for Notify are found in section 7.