How to access the employee Remote Desktop

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Once you have been granted access to the Remote Desktop, here are the steps you need to follow.

Windows Setup:

You will need Windows 7! Earlier editions of Windows are NOT supported.


Please download the following configuration file, and save somewhere on Windows Desktop: Employee Remote Desktop configuration file

Macintosh Setup:


You will need a recent version of MaxOS X, and

you will need to click here to download the Macintosh Remote Desktop Connection Client v2.1


Additional information for the Mac will be addressed later on in this pilot program.


To access your Remote Desktop:

Windows users:

  • Make sure you have reliable high-speed internet connection on your laptop or desktop
  • Make sure your PC is fully patched (all WIndows Updates have been applied; if not, contact the IT helpdesk)
  • Make sure you Antivirus software is up to date!

Next, double click the downloaded configuration file, Thunderbird-Remote-Employees

A Remote Desktop connection will be attempted. You will get a warning window as below,

click "Don't ask me again" and then Connect

Server Warning

After this, you may get a screen similar to below. If the username highlighted does NOT contain "ad-tbird" or "AD-TBIRD" in it,

select "Use other account"

Select account

Following this, type in your normal network login name, preceded by  "ad-tbird\"  (this is the hyphen or minus sign!)

Eg. for user reinaldj, the login name would be   ad-tbird\reinaldj

Enter your normal network password

network login

After this, a connection will be established to the Remote Desktop Gateway, which will check your username and password.

If this is correct, you will get a login notification (and possible system maintenance notices). Select the box to accept the login message and click OK.

Remote Desktop Login Message


Now you may will get one final warning when you connect to the Remote Desktop server.

Again, check "Don't ask again", and the click Yes

final server warning


You should now be connected to the Remote Desktop