Setting up Thunderbird Lifetime email on IPhone / IPad.

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How to setup Thunderbird Lifetime email on  iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Before you begin:


To start using your Lifetime Gmail account with an iPhone or iPad, perform the following steps:

* Locate and click the "Settings" icon from the Home screen.



* Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


* Tap Add Account


* Tap Google.



* Enter your   First Last NameThunderbird Lifetime email addressMTB Password, and a descriptive name such as  Thunderbird, Lifetime or Personal, so you can identify it later.


* Select which services you want to leave on for sync-  Mail, Calendar and/or Notes.  (You probably want all of them on).

*Tap Save.  You're finished.

If you receive a Gmail log in page and your user name and password do not work, call 602-978-7999 and ask to have your password reset. The login credentials for (the Thunderbird portal) is the same login for your email. Resetting this password will refresh the server.