DRAFT - Thunderbird Employee Remote Desktop Policy - DRAFT

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This *DRAFT* policy outlines who should be considered for access to the Thunderbird Remote Desktop service, as well as the the do's and don't of the Remote Desktop service.

Who should get remote desktop access:

Thunderbird employees may, under some circumstances, utilize Remote Desktop services to access Thunderbird computing resources for which they have been granted access.

Regular, full-time Thunderbird faculty or staff employees may request access to the Thunderbird Remote Desktop service by printing and completing the form below. A letter of justification must accompany the request. The letter should address, in sufficient detail, what resources will be accessed, how they cannot be accessed by conventional means, and what the business reasons are for requesting Remote Desktop access. Requests omitting a letter of justification will be returned to the requestor as incomplete.

  • Departmental Accounts shall not be granted remote desktop access due to lack of accountability. These accounts are typically shared among several users (often students) and there is no way to trace a specific user back to the account at any given time.
  • Temporary Accounts shall not be granted remote desktop access. Student accounts shall not be granted remote desktop access.
  • In order to use remote access, you need a connection to the Internet from your off-campus location. Thunderbird does not provide you with an Internet connection, your Internet Service Provider does. While dialup Internet connections may utilize a remote access connection, performance is very slow and is not recommended or supported. Connections over Wifi at remote locations may also suffer from performance problems that inhibited successful use of the Thunderbird Remote Desktop service.


  • be extremely careful with your passwords, anyone what has access to your laptop and your password has access to your institutional data!
  • make sure you have a reliable internet connection. While Remote Desktop is has fairly light bandwidth requirements, you need a solid connection.
  • make sure your PC is fully patched and your Antivirus software is up to date


  • Do not expect Remote Desktop to work reliably from anywhere you have an internet connection. International and "free" locations (ie. Hotels, free wifi at the coffee shop, etc.) may all have unreliable and intermittent connection problems that cause access to the Remote Desktop to become unreliable.
  • Do not save file on your Remote Desktop; use your H: and L: drives, and other apps. The next time you connect you may not be accessing the same remote desktop server, and your files will not be there!

Sign Off:

I understand that by agreeing to this remote deskop access policy, I understand the risks associated with remote access to institutional data. Additionally, I agree that all Thunderbird policies and applicable laws related to information access, security, privacy, confidentiality, etc. apply to this access, even if I use my personal computer equipment to attain such access.

Senior Departmental Manager Name (departmental VP or equivalent level)
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