Thunderbird Technology Guide

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Click here to download the current Thunderbird Student Technology Guide.

In this guide you will find information about the I&IT Department and the services we provide to Thunderbird students, important tips for the technology on campus, and the policies for computer use.

Thunderbird also provides some computing resources on campus. These include workstations around various locations on campus, and print and scan stations.

Computer upgrades in the Computer Lab (Snell 22) and IBIC
IT has replaced most IBIC PCs with Wyse thin clients. These have no moving parts so boot-up and shut down times are greatly improved. They have a longer life span, and are quieter since noise from fans and hard drives are eliminated. Better still, their low power consumption and small footprint means low heat output for energy savings.  
Unlike PCs, when using thin clients, all applications are stored and delivered from a remote server as they have no local storage.  You cannot save your work to "My documents"  from the thin clients. Instead, you should  save all your work to a  USB flash drive or email it to yourself.   Please remember to bring a flash drive with you to save any work or use the email option,  and do not save anything to "My Documents"  because it cannot be recovered.