Thunderbird Virtual Bookstore How-To

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Continuing Students: How to Get Your List of Course Materials

1. In Access Thunderbird under Student Menu, you can view the course materials by selecting “Search For Sections”
2. Enter your search criteria and click “SUBMIT”
3. Click on the “Section Name and Title” link for more information about the course
4. To view the books needed for the course, click the “Virtual Bookstore” link
5. Click “Order Textbooks”
6. MBA courses for Fall 2013 will be listed
  • To learn more about what materials are needed, click “Select” for each course that you would like
  • Multiple courses can be selected
7. Once selected, click the “VIEW Textbooks” button on the right-hand side
8. Course materials are listed by course number and course name
  • ISBN number and additional information about the books are listed
    • New
    • Used
    • Rent eBooks
    • Rent Textbooks
  • Click “Add to Cart” to create an account and to start the checkout process
  • When ordering and shipping to campus, place your box # at the end of the school’s address

1 Global Place #0123
Glendale, AZ 85306