Use email address

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To be able to send emails using the address <name>  (e.g. sending from from the Google web mail interface, follow these steps after you login to the Google web mail interface:

  • Click on "Settings" in the top right hand corner then click on "Accounts" in the settings page that comes up.
  • In the ‘Send mail as” section at the top, click “Add another email address”.
  • In this new window, fill in your name, and your email address in the format.
  • Click Next Step, and then click “Send Verification”
  • Shortly, you will receive an email in your inbox to verify ownership of that address.
    Note: since the and addresses are really the same email system, this will go into your normal inbox.
  • Open this message, and click on the verification link.

You have now verified ownership of the “” format of your email address.

To permanently use this form of your email address, go back to the settings areas (“Settings”, click on “Accounts”, then click on “make default” behind the email address.)