Windows 7 Resources

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Windows 7

Collaborating and communicating

*   What happened to Windows Messenger? Looking for IM? (1 mins, Short Topic)

Desktop and Start menu

*   Desktop Experience in Windows 7 (15 mins, Tour/Video)

*   Introducing Windows 7 at work (20 mins, Tour/Video)

*   The Start menu (overview) Know more about the start menu (7 mins, Article)

*   The taskbar (overview) Know more about the taskbar (5 mins, Article)

*   What's new with the Windows desktop? A sneak peek at the new look of Windows (2 mins, Short Topic)

     Getting around the desktop (6 mins, Tour/Video)

     Personalizing your PC (5 mins, Tour/Video)

*   Better, stronger, faster: The Windows 7 taskbar Get more out of the taskbar (8 mins, Article)

*   Change thumbnail size and file details Use the new Views menu to quickly go from details to large icons (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Set the clock You can now change the time zone (1 mins, Short Topic)

*   Using Jump Lists to open programs and items (0 mins, Tour/Video)

     What happened to the Run command? It's now even easier to use the Run command (1 mins, Short Topic)

*   What's new with the Start menu? (1 mins, Article)

*   What's new with the Windows 7 taskbar? Learn what is new about the redesigned taskbar (4 mins, Article)

     Desktop gadgets (overview) (5 mins, Short Topic)

*   Customize the Start menu (4 mins, Reference Topic)

*   Navigate using the address bar A quick new way to move between folders (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Pin a program to the Start menu (2 mins, Tour/Video)

*   Pin a program to the taskbar (2 mins, Tour/Video)

*   What's new with the Windows 7 desktop? (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Working with Control Panel Find items in Control Panel with the Search box (1 mins, Short Topic)

*   Working with the navigation pane Look at your files in a whole new way (2 mins, Short Topic)

     Clear lists on the Start menu and taskbar Clear the history of the items in the start menu and jump lists (2 mins, Tour/Video)

     Change how icons appear in the notification area of the taskbar Customize what notifications you get (3 mins, Short Topic)

     The New Windows Taskbar: frequently asked questions (5 mins, Reference Topic)

     Folders: frequently asked questions Find out what's new for exploring folders (2 mins, Reference Topic)

     Taskbar: recommended links (3 mins, Article)

     Create or delete a shortcut (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Customize the Start menu Keep frequently-used programs handy (1 mins, Short Topic)

*   Rearrange buttons on the taskbar Put buttons where you want (2 mins, Short Topic)

Finding and organizing files

*   Accessing Information in Windows 7 (15 mins, Tour/Video)

*   Find a file or folder Looking for files in all the right places (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Working with libraries (3 mins, Article)

     Finding your files (5 mins, Tour/Video)

     Searching in Windows: frequently asked questions (4 mins, Reference Topic)

     Create a shortcut to (map) a network drive Easily get to your network drives (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Libraries: frequently asked questions (5 mins, Short Topic)

     Add tags and other properties to a file Tag your files to find them faster (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Save a search Do you need to find the same groups of files repeatedly? (1 mins, Short Topic)

Internet Explorer

*   Internet Explorer at a glance What's new in IE? Tabbed browsing and more (4 mins, Article)

*   Change your Internet Explorer home page You can now have multiple home pages (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Internet Explorer 8 Overview (2 mins, Tour/Video)

*   Show the menus in Internet Explorer (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Find recently visited webpages History and favorites are now in one convenient place (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Should I install ActiveX controls? Make the right decisions for security (1 mins, Short Topic)

     What happened to Phishing Filter? (1 mins, Article)

*   How to know if an online transaction is secure Click on the lock to get more information, and other tips (2 mins, Article)

*   Tabbed browsing: frequently asked questions All about tabbed browsing: save a group of tabs, use keyboard shortcuts, and moreā€¦ (2 mins, Reference Topic)

*   Zoom in on a webpage Tired of squinting at webpages? (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Open a new tab to your home page in Internet Explorer (1 mins, Tour/Video)

     Using Accelerators to find addresses, define words, and do other tasks with selected text Use accelerators to take text from one page and perform tasks on it. (7 mins, Guided Example)

     Web Slices: frequently asked questions (5 mins, Reference Topic)

     Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker: frequently asked questions Get rid of annoying pop-ups! (3 mins, Reference Topic)

     Internet Explorer: frequently asked questions (7 mins, Reference Topic)

     Customize the Internet Explorer toolbars (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Show or hide the Favorites bar in Internet Explorer Add a webpage you visit frequently to the toolbar (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Internet Explorer Information bar: frequently asked questions (3 mins, Reference Topic)

     Fill in website forms and passwords automatically (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Security and privacy features in Internet Explorer Learn about features in Internet Explorer that can help protect your privacy and security when shopping or browsing online. (2 mins, Article)

*   Preview the appearance of a Printed webpage in Internet Explorer Web pages now scale to fit! (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Tips for searching the Internet New and more efficient ways to find what you're looking for (3 mins, Article)

*   Using Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer See a miniature view of all your open tabs (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Managing your Internet Explorer favorites Improvements to favorites (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Using RSS feeds Automatically get updated content published by a website, such as news (2 mins, Article)

Mobile PC tips

*   Using your laptop in meetings (2 mins, Article)

PC maintenance and performance

     Why won't Windows allow me to change a system setting? (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Exit a program that isn't responding (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Get computer speed and performance information (1 mins, Short Topic)

     What are error codes and how can I use them? (2 mins, Short Topic)


*   Connect to a projector (3 mins, Tour/Video)

     Adjust settings before giving a presentation Ever had your screensaver turn on during a presentation? (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Ways to improve your computer's performance (2 mins, Article)

*   Previous versions of files: frequently asked questions A new way to restore files that you accidentally modified or deleted, or that were damaged (4 mins, Training Course - Web-based (online only))

     Solving common problems with Troubleshooters (5 mins, Tour/Video)


*   Automatically switch default Printers between home, work, or school Learn how to use location aware printing (2 mins, Short Topic)

     What happened to the Printers folder? (1 mins, Short Topic)

     Print to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer A next-generation publishing tool (2 mins, Article)

Security and privacy

*   Laptop security basics (2 mins, Article)

*   Tips for creating strong passwords and passphrases Make your password more secure (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   When to trust a website How to make sure a website is safe (2 mins, Short Topic)

*   Recognizing dangerous file types (1 mins, Short Topic)

     When to trust an e-mail message (2 mins, Article)

     Spyware: frequently asked questions All about spyware (2 mins, Reference Topic)

Turning off and starting up the computer

*   Turning off your computer properly New recommendations for turning off your computer (2 mins, Article)

*   Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions (3 mins, Reference Topic)