Google Apps for Students and Alumni

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Student and Alumni Lifetime Email and Applications , aka., is hosted by Google Apps Education Edition. This provides a variety of services to our enrolled students and alumni in good standing, including a rich email environment, document colaboration, calendaring, chat, and more.

Google provides a list of services included in their Education Edition product. Please note that this typically is not the same as GMail or their business editions. Therefor, Google Apps for Education does not have the same features as GMail. Thunderbird does not allow 'beta' or 'experimental' functionality in Google Apps for Education to be enabled by default. As soon as new features are rolled into mainstream Google Apps for Education, and fully supported by the management screens, we will enable them.

General help for Google Apps (provided by Google) is here. Additional help on specific items of interest is found in the entries listed below.

Mobile Access:

Go here for information on using Google Apps on your mobile devices

Service Status:

Click here to see the status of all Google Apps services.

For users in China, see this Mainland China Service Availability page (provided by Google)

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