Remote support

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The helpdesk is able to offer remote support in two ways to resolve problems related to services or applications provided by Thunderbird:

  1. for Thunderbird owned PCs running Windows and attached to the campus LAN:
    A technician may choose to use the Windows Remote Assistance feature.  When you call the helpdesk, if needed, a technician will help you get a Remote Assistance session established.
  2. for users not connected to the campus LAN, but with a working Internet connection and the ability to use Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers:

    - for travelling Thunderbird employees using Thunderbird owned laptops,
    - for students and alumni,

    a technician may request to use a web based remote support application to better assist you. The technician will ask you to allow remote assistance on your Windows PC or Macintosh. They will provide you with a 6 digit remote session number (via phone or email), and request that you sign on via the following form:

    Enter your 6-digit PIN code: