Technology & Support for Alumni

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What can Alumni expect after graduation:


  • Once your degree is officially conferred you will be considered an alumnus. (Which should be approximately 5 to 7 weeks from commencement) 
  • Status- you will continue to have your student status for three months after your graduation date.
  • At the three-month point your status will change to Alumni only
  • At this point you will no longer see discussions, information pages or news items that are targeted only to students
  • IBIC resources are unavailable 90 days after the end date of your last class.


  • Course pages will become  unavailable 60 days after each class ends (but faculty may choose to close the class sooner)

Lifetime e-mail

  • Your Lifetime e-mail account will remain intact
  • You retain the same amount of mailbox space as before
  • Keep your MTB profile up to date - This will enable you to remain in regular contact with the Thunderbird community
  • To forward your Lifetime E-mail, log into the Google web email interface, select:
    • Settings
    • Forwarding and POP
    • Check “Forward a copy of incoming mail to:”
    • Enter the forwarding email address
    • Click on the “Save Changes” button

Printing Credit

Will be removed once you are no longer a student in MTB. No refunds will be allowed.

Help Desk Support

Should you encounter problems with any of this technology please feel free to call the Alumni office at 602-978-7358 during normal business hours. You can also contact the IT Student Help Desk. Don't forget to use this help site (  !

Congratulations and Good Luck from IT!