Export/import Xerox fax phonebook

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Exporting/importing the Xerox fax phonebook

To export the phonebook to a file:

  1. In the My Documents folder, look for a file named Default XPB file.
  2. Click on the file to view recipients. If you need to add additional recipients before exporting the file, add them here.
  3. Create a new folder on the computer, in which to save the exported phone book.
  4. To export the phonebook, choose File > Export.
  5. In the File name box select the folder icon on the right, and then browse to the folder created in step 4.
  6. Enter a name in the File name box at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the Files of type is set to CSV files (*.csv).
  7. Select Open.
  8. The File name box should now be populated with the path to the phonebook.
  9. Select OK.

The phonebook is now exported to the folder on the computer. It can be saved on the server. The folder at the local workstation can be shared to make it available to others, or it can be saved on a flash drive to copy to another workstation.

To import the phonebook file to another workstation:

Place the saved phonebook file from the other workstation on to the workstation where the phonebook is being imported.

  1. Open the Printers folder.
  2. Right-click on the printer and choose Properties.
  3. Select Printing Preferences.
  4. Select Job type as Fax.
  5. Select Preferences.
  6. In the Personal Phonebook box, choose the Open button (it has three dots).
  7. Select File Import.
  8. Select the browse button on the right, browse to the saved file, and then double-click. The path to the phonebook should displayin the File name box.
  9. Select OK.

All of the fax phonebook entries will display in the default fax phonebook.