Basic telephone troubleshooting

Basic telephone troubleshooting guide

Voice mail light issues

  • Make sure phone is forwarded correctly
  • Empty the mailbox
  • Leave a test message
  • If problem continues, escalate to telephone vendor


Can’t leave a voice mail

  • Check forwarding
  • Cancel forwarding, and then reset
  • Verify user is calling from the proper extension
  • Call voice mail system and see if a mailbox was created for that extension


Phone is dead

  • Check to make sure line cord (cord from wall) and handset cord (curly cord) are both plugged in


Can’t read phone display

  • Adjust contrast with up/down keys while phone is idle
  • Unplug phone, and then plug in again


Forwarding issues

  • Cancel all forwarding – #7, #8, #9
  • Walk through resetting – *7xxxx, *8xxxx, *9xxxx
  • If forwarding to outside line, make sure 9 is entered before the forwarding number


My phone doesn’t ring

  • Check ringer volume setting
  • Check to make sure all calls are not forwarded elsewhere
  • Function 3 – changes ring tone


My Speaker/Mic doesn’t work:

  • Check functions
  • Function 1 – toggles mic on or off (Mic light is above the dial pad)
  • Function 5 – turns hands free on
  • Function 6 – turns hands free off


Can’t connect 3-way call

  • Did user wait until first participant answered the call?
  • Did user wait until the second participant answered before pressing the Conference (CNF) button
  • What do I do if the second party doesn’t answer? Press the Transfer (TRF) key before the call rolls to voice mail