Solver for Mac Office 2008/2011

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*Update* As of Microsoft Office 2011 update 14.1.x Solver has been readded to Excel. Click on Tools > Add-ons > Check Solver. Then look under tools again.  You will solver at the bottom of the list.  Solver workaround for Office 2008 users still apply.

When Microsoft released the new Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac they excluded the Solver add-in. 

This information is provided solely for Mac users to obtain this add-in.  I&IT does not support this software.

(Please note that Solver for Excel 2008 requires Excel 12.1.2, so if you have yet to update your copy of Office 2008 and Office 2011, now would be a good time to run Microsoft AutoUpdate or visit the download page on Mactopia.)