What is "Remember Me" ?

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When you check the "Remember Me" checkbox at the Portal Login page, your login will be remembered for up to 7 days, even after you close your browser. The next time you open the same browser within 7 days, you will be automatically logged in.

In order for "Remember Me" to function, you should not click the logout button in the application, but simply close your browser after you have finished.

However, to protect the security of your online information, including email, course work, etc., Thunderbird I&IT encourages users to logout at the end of each session, and not use the "Remember Me" feature !

Warning: by using the "Remember Me" option, you make it easier to login again, but this also means that anyone with access to the computer where you selected "Remember Me" will be able to login to your MTB, TLE and Lifetime Email accounts. Do NOT use "Remember Me" on any public computer, on campus, in Internet cafe's, or anywhere else where you cannot control access!